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What types of blinds best suit my home?

There are lots of types of different blinds and fabrics to choose from which can sometimes make it a little difficult to choose! Hopefully, in this blog, we will help you decide what blinds will be best to meet your needs and style!

Firstly, think about the room it's going in...

Kitchen - What we would usually recommend for Kitchens is

Living area - You really can have whatever you like in this room (as in any room) but you'll see why I say this in regards to kitchen and bathroom areas. So, you have your vertical blinds which seem to be classed as the 'standard blind' which you can jazz up as there are 1000s of fabrics and designs available, same with roller blinds. If you're wanting a really modern look, the perfect fit range is BEAU-TI-FUL and perfect if you have children or pets as these are fitted in a frame onto the actual window with no screws or drilling involved!

Next up, roman blinds - these are a little more expensive than the other blinds we have mentioned so far as there is a lot of skill that goes into making them and of course the fabric is alot thicker. However, there are obviously 1000's of fabrics to choose from ranging in price so you can spend as much and as little as you can on this type of blind.

Plantation shutters, these are my personal favourite... and I will tell you why!

Not only are they super stylish and seem to be all the range at the minute they offer an extra layer of security to your home!

Venetian Blinds, available in aluminium, wood or faux wood! Beautiful blinds and very stylish and easy to keep clean.

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