Measuring Guide
Use this guide to measure your windows.
Note the two types of fixes.
This measurement will be the exact size to which the blind will be made.
Inside or outside fix?
Depending on your preference and window design, your blinds may be mounted inside or outside the window casing. For a more accurate measurement be sure to use a wooden or metal rule or a steel tape.  
Inside Fix (recessed):
Measure the the exact inside width and length of the window opening between jambs. As some windows may not be a perfect square, take a measurement in three locations for both length and width. Record the shortest width dimension and the longest length.


Inside Mount


Outside Fix:
Used for shallow window casings, door mounts and custom looks. Measure the exact outsidewidth and length from moulding to moulding. To overlap the window, we recommend that you add 3" to your width and length measurements.

Measuring Video Verticals
Measuring Video Roller Blinds